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Heronsgate School is a Good School

Ofsted Good GP Colour“Good teaching and high-quality experiences have resulted in pupils’ positive attitudes towards all aspects of their learning.”

“The school’s safe, caring and nurturing environment ensures that pupils’ well-being needs are met effectively.”

(Ofsted April 2017 click here to download the report)

27th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for all of your support this week and for keeping in touch with the school, especially with the lovely photographs you have been sharing. We appreciate that things are very different for all of the children at the moment and seeing all of the lovely smiles is testament to the fantastic job you are all doing.

As we move into a new week on Monday we have made some changes to the home learning packs we’re sending out through Showbie in order for us to streamline, be more consistent across the school and enable efficient management by staff. There will be suggested timetables for the week but as I said in my last letter, these are suggestions only and not an expectation. Do what works best for your children and family.

Showbie is a professional online school portal, which allows children to access work or assignments from home, sent from their teacher safely and securely. Each year group has their own Showbie account and have been given a specific code for children to join with.

Your child should use Showbie to access work at home which they can view on a laptop, phone or electronic device which has been connected to the internet.

For more information please use the link below which can help pupils and parents access Showbie:-

Should you still experience problems with using Showbie or any other online platforms please do not phone the school, it is more effective for you to EMAIL– This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. enabling us to pass your query to the appropriate person and reply to you.

I hope it goes without saying that should any of you require any support or assistance of any other nature please don’t hesitate to contact the school. You may also be pleased to know that whilst the school is operating on a smaller scale our contract cleaners are deep cleaning all areas.

Thank you once again for your patience, support and contributions this week. I wish you all a very good weekend and hope you stay fit, healthy and happy.

Kindest regards

Jane Edwards



20 March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

COVID-19: Update 5

Thank you for the many messages of support and positive feedback on our efforts to keep you informed of events nationally and our plans to ensure your children continue to receive the best education possible at this difficult time. They are very much appreciated.

Online Learning

As we are all in uncharted territory, constructive feedback is always welcome as we work together to develop different ways of working. In a worse-case scenario, schools may not reopen until September and therefore over time teachers will develop their skills at delivering learning remotely.

Whilst Showbie has not experienced any problems today, we are aware some other online learning portals have due to increased demand resulting in children sometimes having difficulties with log in. Any children who experience a problem with an online platform should try again later. These companies are increasing their server capacity so in time this should be resolved. If you are experiencing ongoing problems please email the school rather than phoning.

Children are not expected to sit and work from 8.40am until 3.20pm. As parents in these unprecedented times please arrange your child’s home learning to suit your own family circumstances. We will continue to send you ideas to keep your children busy.

Please don’t forget to do other activities together for example:

  • go for a walk
  • read books & tell stories
  • cook & bake
  • garden
  • listen to music, sing, dance
  • play games

And teach all of the other life skills which sometimes get missed in our busy working lives.

This morning the Government eventually issued the guidance on providing childcare for key workers. The guidance is very clear that this provision is only for those whose role is considered essential and who are unable to make their own childcare arrangements as well as those children considered vulnerable.

The Government’s full guidance can be found on the link below:

If you believe your occupation falls into one of the categories above, your role is critical to the COVID-19 response, and there is absolutely no one else that can be with your child(ren) please email the school on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., putting KEYWORKER in the subject box. If you require wraparound care please state before/after or both before the end of the day today 20/03/2020.

Only parents of children who have contacted the school and have received confirmation of a place, may send their child(ren) to school on Monday.

Our aim is to provide childcare weekdays during normal school hours. If you require any form of additional care (7.30am to 8.40am and/or 3.20 to 6pm) please don’t forget to inform the school.

Only children who are well should attend school and we reserve the right to take a student’s temperature at the beginning of the day or at any point during the day. Any child with a raised temperature will be sent home.

We will obviously be expecting children to be on their best behaviour whilst at school, our current behaviour policy will remain in place.

If you have already applied for a place on this basis we are processing them now and will advise you if you meet the criteria and we can provide childcare for you.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Kind regards

Jane Edwards




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