School Uniform


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Heronsgate School is a Good School

Ofsted Good GP Colour“Good teaching and high-quality experiences have resulted in pupils’ positive attitudes towards all aspects of their learning.”

“The school’s safe, caring and nurturing environment ensures that pupils’ well-being needs are met effectively.”

(Ofsted April 2017 click here to download the report)


All of our school uniform can be purchased and items with the school logo ordered, from Kedaph Schoolwear
Unit A, Lennox Road, Bletchley, MK2 2HH or ordered online at:

Sweatshirts - in plain royal blue (with logo available from Kedpah Schoolwear)
Poloshirts - in plain royal blue (with logo available from Kedpah Schoolwear)

Black or charcoal plain straight trousers or black or charcoal plain knee length skirt. Leggings or shorts with leggings underneath are not permitted.

As above with optional plain black, grey or charcoal shorts of similar length to the P.E. shorts for boys and girls. Girls may also wear a light blue check summer dress.

Plain black footwear of sensible style and design to go with uniform – boots, trainers or high heel/platform shoes are not permitted.
Separate plain black or white trainers for PE – not coloured.
School shoes should be worn at all times, with trainers only worn for organised lunchtime sports activities and outdoor PE.

Indoor: Plain white T-shirt and royal blue shorts
Indoor PE is bare feet

Outdoor: Plain royal blue football shirt with blue shorts
Trainers –plain black or plain white only.

Optional football boots and shin pads

On hot days, the football shirt or plain white T-shirt may be worn with the shorts for outdoor games. During the cold months the plain white T-shirt could be worn underneath the football shirt for extra warmth, and dark plain jogging bottoms or a tracksuit may also be worn.

Jewellery: Other than a watch or stud earrings should not be worn in school. In order for changing for PE to be done quickly we would ask that earrings are not worn to school on PE days.

Hair should be neat and tidy. Bright colours, or logo cut styles are not suitable.
Mohican style or similar is not acceptable. If, for religious reasons, a head scarf is worn this should be in a school colour.

Thank you for your continued support.